Wickliffe Soccer Club

 U6 Game Rules (Fall 2019/Spring 2020)

                                    (All practices and games are held at Coulby park, Field A)




·       Birth years: 2012 and under

·       Teams – Coed

·       Big field for older and advanced kids, Small field for the younger soccer kids.

·       Games: Saturday mornings at 9am, 10am or 11am (some week days)

·       Big Field 6v6 (5 field players and a keeper)

·       Small field play 5v5 (Goalie optional)

·       Four 8-minute quarters

·       Size 3 ball for small field Size 4 for Big Field

·       Keepers CAN use hands. They cannot punt the ball. They must throw

it or roll it to their teammates.

·       Throw ins: Yes

·       Goal kicks: Yes

·       The opposing team must go back to the half-line if the keeper picks up the ball or on goal kicks.

·       Substitutions: Yes, at anytime

·       Keeping score: No, but if a team is up by approximately 5 goals the other team can add a player on the field.


·        Coaches can act as refs and are on the field to help instruct and guide players from each team. TEACH IN THE MOMENT!


·       Individual Player Development is now part of Wickliffe soccer. We will chose 5 of the most advanced U8 players to travel 6 Saturdays to play up to 5 short games of 4v4 with a group of other cities involved. More details to come.